MongoDB Elastic Deployments Now in Beta on DigitalOcean


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Running your application on DigitalOcean? Now you can take advantage of the blazing fast SSDs and autoscaling that you get with MongoHQ’s Elastic Deployments.

DigitalOcean is by far our most requested datacenter provider, and we are happy to announce that our customers now have the option to host their Elastic Deployments in DigitalOcean’s New York 2 data center. This service is currently a public beta, and we plan to add more DigitalOcean regions soon.

Elastic Deployments give you the best of MongoDB hosting — fully replicated databases running on fast SSDs with access to huge amounts of RAM. You only pay for what you use, at a flat monthly fee of $18/GB. You also get:
- Automatic daily backups, or run them On Demand - Oplog access - Autoscaling as your data grows (read the docs to learn how)

Have a look at our original Elastic Deployments announcement for more details.

DigitalOcean Selector

If you are already a MongoHQ customer, you can provision a new Elastic Deployment with the database creation form. Make sure you choose "Digital Ocean (Beta)" in the region selector.

New to MongoHQ? We have a special signup link for DigitalOcean -- create an account and get a database in NYC2. It takes less than a minute to be off and running!

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