MongoDB Israel 2013 - June 16th


Weekly, we speak with developers and data architects from Israel. We are floored with the surge in the startup scene in Israel. Either it was always there, and we did not see it; or, it has exploded over the past few years. None the less, we had to find a way to get to Israel. Now, is the chance.

Jason and Kurt are traveling across the pond for the MongoDB Israel 2013 conference. It is a free event in Tel-Aviv with afternoon presentations from 1:30 - 5pm. Kurt and Jason are giving away MongoHQ t-shirts and conference swag. Come see us quickly, supplies are limited to the amount we could carry on an international flight. No matter, there are endless MongoHQ service credits for conference attendees.

Find us, and tell us about the projects and products you are building. We would love to hear about your plans and spread some MongoDB knowledge. We are giving a talk at 4:00 on "MongoDB Indexing Constraints and Creative Schemas". It is a great first step for anyone building on MongoDB.

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