MongoDB Repair & Jobs


This article is preserved for the archive but is out of date – go to Resync for MongoDB Elastic Deployments for the current best practice.

With the release of the new MongoHQ UI, our core focus is future expansion. Over the past week, we’ve added some core functionality and expanded other functionality: 1) Database Repair and 2) Jobs.

Have you removed a mass number of documents from your database and need to run a compaction? Now, you can do that directly from the UI. Just click “Repair Database” from the Database > Admin panel. The Job list will monitor the repair and record the action with your database.

Database Jobs is a list of past actions you’ve run against your database from the MongoHQ UI. As we add features, and tasks, you will see more jobs show up on your database, and give you a loose history of your database.

Thank you for using MongoHQ – we will have more features soon!

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