MongoHQ a Sponsor of MongoDB Atlanta!


On April 20, the 10gen crew will be paying a visit to the South, putting on MongoDB Atlanta at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). In our continuing partnership with 10gen, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of this conference and the events surrounding it.

While MongoDB events are always interesting, there are two presentations that we are especially excited about and wanted to bring to your attention:

MongoDB Aggregation Framework

Obviously, the big news in the coming release of MongoDB 2.2 is the introduction of a powerful, performant, but easy to use aggregation system. Paul Pedersen of 10gen will be presenting on this in the afternoon, covering usage patterns and when it is right to use this framework versus writing your own map reduce functions.

Saving Time with MongoDB

Often, people ask why they should use MongoDB over other database technologies, especially the MySQL standby. Harris Reynolds, a developer with Nimble Labs, is going to highlight how you can quickly make progress on projects with MongoDB, how to create APIs for your data and how, once you start growing, MongoDB can remain performant for you.

It looks to be a great event … if you are in the southeast and want to learn more, you still have time to register. Plus, the GTRI is the perfect place to put on a conference, offering easy access, lots of wifi and plenty of power outlets.

The MongoHQ team be there, so come and say hello!

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