MongoHQ Acquires MongoMachine


We are excited to announce that MongoHQ has acquired MongoMachine! As the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based MongoDB DBaaS (or Database-as-a-Service), we have seen amazing growth and with that, the talent and energy that MongoMachine brings will help us in creating an even stronger offering for the future.

We were impressed with MongoMachine’s creativity and innovations and saw early on how well they matched our core values and direction. At MongoHQ, we are passionate about the future of the data layer and have a deep desire to build and provide developers with tools and solutions that not only make them more productive, but make them happier and successful. We feel strongly that this acquisition will add much to future product enhancements.

The focus at MongoHQ, since the beginning, has been to rapidly deliver innovative features and enhancements to cloud-based database services. We started this journey over two years ago and now, more than ever, we know our passion for the technology, the developers we help every day and the exciting innovations we are introducing in the space that will ensure we continue to improve upon our position as market leader.

We are still road-mapping our integration process, so it is important to note that there will be no immediate changes for our users. We are working closely with the users at MongoMachine to inform them of this as well. As we move forward, we will work with each of them, providing support and solutions that meet their needs.

Thanks for being along with us on this journey. We are excited about what the future holds for MongoHQ!

Jason and Ben

Founders, MongoHQ

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