MongoHQ & CloudBees Announce Partnership


MongoHQ, the leading provider of cloud-based MongoDB data hosting and services, is excited to announce a new partnership with CloudBees, extending our data platform into this rich and innovative Java community. This new relationship will allow developers in the CloudBees environment to more easily and efficiently build out and scale the data layer of their Java applications.

CloudBees provides the only develop-to-deploy cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Java and serves thousands of Jenkins customers. The CloudBees platform provides everything developers need to quickly and easily develop and deploy applications in the cloud – without having to purchase, configure and maintain hardware, and without having to program applications for a specific underlying infrastructure service (IaaS).

“When we created MongoHQ, our primary goal was to make it easy for developers to use MongoDB as the data layer for their applications, allowing them to focus on developing code instead of the complexities of managing their data layer in the cloud,” said Jason McCay, MongoHQ Founder. “CloudBees shares this same core belief when it comes to a development platform and has pioneered it within the Java community. We are excited to partner and offer MongoDB on this fast-growing and powerful platform.”

Similar to Heroku and AppHarbor, CloudBees users can add MongoHQ-provisioned databases through the CloudBees ecosystem. The MongoHQ add-on is expected to be available to the community on or before Oct. 1, 2011. We will be rolling out additional information, including Getting Started guides, as the date draws closer.

We are very excited to join this growing community as a partner!

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