MongoHQ At OSCON 2013


OSCON 2013 starts today in Portland! This conference highlights hundreds of various open source technologies, and MongoDB continues to be a large subject.

When I first started into using MongoDB, I learned the most from 10gen's presentations. They are giving a 3-hour training today: MongoDB - From Zero to Sharded. This will be a good training if you're attending. Otherwise, you can take advantage of 10gen's recorded presentations online:

Red Hat is talking MongoDB (and NodeJS) on Thursday: Mobilize Your MongoDB! Developing full stack Javascript applications.

Then on Friday, Parse is presenting MongoDB on Amazon Web Services: Operational Best Practices, which I'd suggest renaming to "Problems You Don't Have to Care about with MongoHQ".

I'm looking forward to a great conference! If you're in Portland, don't be shy. Tweet at us and try and say hello. At the very least, a coupon code should result.

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