MongoHQ Goes Live!


After much preparation, the team decided that it was finally time to jump out there with the first hosted document database solution. We are very excited about the future of MongoHQ and are really looking forward to seeing all the awesome things that you will do with it.

The Future

With any product, just getting it out there seems to be the biggest challenge of all and now that it is behind us, we are excited about the additional features we are working to bring to MongoHQ, including: replication, management of data backups and sharding. We will be working hard to release these to our customers in the near future.


Another effort, now that we have released will be to ramp up the level of documentation that we are offering. During that time, if you have any questions about getting connected to your database, what our strategies are, etc., please contact us. You can use the MongoHQ Support site to ensure that we get back with you promptly.

Special Thanks to our Beta Users

Our beta users, hundreds of them, were so helpful as we worked to put the finishing touches on the initial release of MongoHQ. We want to offer many thanks for their feedback, ideas, and bug hunting. It was really a unique and rewarding experience to work with many of you.

Just the Beginning

We still have some big things in the works that have yet to be announced. Also, we will be following this post up with more in-depth articles about some of the engineering decisions that we made when crafting MongoHQ. We really want to hear from you ways that we can make our service better. Contact us at

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