MongoHQ Integrates with AppHarbor


This summer continues to be quite busy for us at MongoHQ, as we have been hard at work on a lot of great new features for our growing developer community. However, this announcement is especially exciting for us: we integrate with AppHarbor and are an inaugural member of their Add-On platform.

There is no question that developers utilizing the .NET framework have been a big part of MongoHQ’s story so far, so being able to offer our services on this powerful application platform is not only a major step forward for developers, but an excellent way for us to continue our commitment to this community.

AppHarbor founder Michael Friis said,

“We’re really excited to have MongoHQ as a launch partner for our add-on program. Since launching AppHarbor, MongoDB has been one of the most-requested features for the platform. We can think of no better way to offer solid MongoDB hosting than by partnering with MongoHQ.”

MongoHQ founder Jason McCay agreed,

“At MongoHQ, our primary goal is to provide tools and resources that allow developers to grow and manage their data layer quickly and efficiently, giving them more time to focus on what’s important, building a great product. With the amazing growth of MongoDB in the .NET community, we are excited to be a part of AppHarbor’s new Add-On Platform, which makes it even easier for .NET developers to integrate MongoDB into their applications.”

If you have not already, we invite you to visit and learn about this great new platform. While you are there, check out the AppHarbor Add-ons area and check out our offering. Michael, Rune and Troels are an amazing team and it has been a pleasure working with them to make this integration happen.

Be on the lookout for updated documentation, including guides for getting started. In the meantime, if you have questions, send us an email at: and we would be happy to assist you.

About AppHarbor

AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service. Developers push code to AppHarbor using either Git or Mercurial. AppHarbor then builds the code and runs any unit tests. If everything checks out, the code is deployed to AppHarbor’s scalable cloud platform.

About MongoHQ

MongoHQ is the hosted database solution for quickly and easily connecting MongoDB to your applications. Backed by the power, reliability and speed of Amazon EC2 as well as providing a easy-to-use web interface to visually manage your database instances, MongoHQ can handle both small and large data needs with ease. MongoHQ handles all the heavy-lifting, like backups and replication, so you can focus your time and energy on creating amazing solutions. Discover the joy and amazing capabilities of document databases on arguably the world’s best cloud-computing platform.

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