MongoHQ Sponsoring LessConf 2012


LessConf 2012 kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia today and this year, MongoHQ had the opportunity to be a sponsor for the event. The goal of LessConf is bringing together entrepreneurial developers and designers … offering them encouragement, “interesting” presentations and opportunities to meet each other.

Steven Bristol and Allan Branch have been friends of ours for a long time and, in a round-about way, had a hand in us taking the leap and starting MongoHQ. So we owe a lot to them, their kindness and their inspiration.

As founders ourselves, we love finding creative ways to give back to the developer community and LessConf is just one of the avenues. If you have a hackathon, a community project, developer meetup, whatever … let us know and maybe we can help. All great things start off with small starts … where a couple of people were given a chance by someone to make something happen. The world gets better that way.

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