More choices for Compose customers with SoftLayer


This week we're very happy to announce that we've expanded our data center availability. Our customers now have two new SoftLayer data centers up-and-running in the Dallas and London regions. While we've offered SoftLayer in the past for MongoDB Elastic customers, the new cloud data centers are powered by our new technology platform which supports all our newest database offerings: MongoDB with SSL (currently in beta as "MongoDB+"), Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ and etcd.

Every week we get asked for more data centers around the world and we're working on that with the many cloud platforms out there. SoftLayer is the first major expansion of our platform support, partly thanks to the doors that have been opened by being acquired by IBM. Now we're able to deploy the full range of current Compose databases, there'll be no stopping us. While we are an IBM company, we are remaining loyal to our roots and will continue to offer Compose across a variety of providers.

The new regions support super fast SSDs, redundant networking, and all the goodness you'd expect from a Compose deployment for low-latency and high-availability. The Dallas and London regions are running and ready. To get onto one of the new hosts, create an account on Compose, click Create Deployment in your account, select a database to deploy, and then select your preferred data center. And you're done.

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