New features for Compose's ScyllaDB


A data browser, nodetool/JMX access and a version update to 1.6 are the latest enhancements to ScyllaDB at Compose.

ScyllaDB, the high-performance Cassandra-compatible database, is currently in beta at Compose and that means we're constantly looking at ways to improve it. With the latest round of enhancements, we're making ScyllaDB more accessible from the web, enhancing its manageability and bringing it right up to date with the latest release from Scylla Inc.

Browsing ScyllaDB

Let's start with the data browser. This brings ScyllaDB in line with other Compose databases. Clicking on the Browser in the sidebar will now let you view, create and delete keyspaces and query, view and drop tables and their indexes in those keyspaces.

This isn't a full interface to the power of Scylla's CQL; it's a selected subset which we've found most useful when looking after remote databases. Rather than setting up cqlsh, now you can pop into your deployment over the web and check out various keyspaces and tables, including the system keyspaces. You can read more about the ScyllaDB data browser on its help page

JMX enabled ScyllaDB

The addition of nodetool/JMX access means developers and administrators can plug in the nodetool application to run some common tasks on the Scylla cluster. For obvious reasons, the commands are filtered against a whitelist to prevent potentially troublesome ones being called. You can find out more about the available commands on the new ScyllaDB Tools help page.

Scylla 1.6

Finally, Scylla 1.6 is the latest version of ScyllaDB. Scylla 1.6 sees auto-tuning in query fetch sizes and newly optimized range scans. ScyllaDB's Avi Kivity talks about how that impacts on full table scans in the ScyllaDB blog. Scylla 1.5 included a number of useful bug fixes and tuning enhancements too.

All these features will be at your fingertips with new deployments of ScyllaDB and existing users can upgrade from the Compose Console's Settings page - don't worry, the web interface will remind you with a friendly nag, just log in and see and while you are there, check out the new data browser. If you aren't running ScyllaDB, sign up for Compose's 30 day free trial and check it out today.

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attribution Tobias Keller

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