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While everyone was preparing for the long holiday weekend in the United States, Composers were busy preparing updates and launching new API features. In Noteworthy, we catch up with the RabbitMQ updates, an etcd refresh and the new portal/portal user API.

Noteworthy Changes

Portal API

There's a new set of endpoints in the Compose API. These are aimed at developers who want more precise control of how a database deployment is accessed. First up is a set of REST endpoints to let you list portals, add portals and remove portals from a deployment. These calls will, subject to the limitations for the various database types, let you add new TCP portals - with or without SSL enabled, and install SSH portals.

But a portal is only useful if you can enable someone to pass through it. That's where the second set of REST endpoints come in. They allow you to list portal users, add a portal user and delete a portal user. This part of the API can add users for TCP/HAProxy portals or for SSH users.

This new API should be of particular interest to Elasticsearch users, who can now programmatically add and remove user access to the Elasticsearch database.

RabbitMQ 3.6.14

We've just made RabbitMQ 3.6.14 available on Compose. Over the previous version on Compose, 3.6.11, the new version has a number of bug fixes around busy queue handling and memory usage. Probably the most visible changes are the various minor improvements to the UI of the management plugin. For those wanting the details, it's available on the RabbitMQ Changelog. For everyone else, there's the Compose console's Overview, click Settings and then Change Version.

etcd 3.2.10

The etcd 3.2.10 refresh is another in the steady stream of updates from the CoreOS developers. The big change in this version is the switch from original, now frozen, BoltDB to a CoreOS fork, BBolt, which will see various fixes applied to it. There's also some updates to the clientv3 code which takes on various network partition issues by updating the gRPC packages. If you are writing your own gRPC code, make sure your client is up to date.

Compose Articles

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That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose.

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