New Sandbox Databases Include 512MB of Storage


When we created MongoHQ, it was on the simple idea that it should be easy for developers to explore and use new database technologies with the least amount of effort. Our Sandbox databases allowed developers to quickly provision new databases for all kinds of uses: staging environments, quick tests, exploring new features of MongoDB, and to help get smaller projects off the ground. In short, they have been a huge success and have helped thousands of developers in numerous capacities.

Moar Storage!

Data is always growing and after talking to our customers and learning more about how they use these databases, we are excited to announce that we have increased the storage capacity of new Sandbox databases to 512MB(0.5GB).This means more space for exploration, more space for trying new things and more ways for our team to support all the amazing apps that you create.

Running MongoDB 2.2

Of course, all new sandbox databases are running the latest release of MongoDB 2.2, so it is even easier to play with all the exciting new features of this release, like the aggregation framework, TTL collections and improved console interaction.

More to Come!

We see this as a first step in a number of great announcements that we are preparing to release. In all our efforts, the developers and teams that rely on us have always and will continue to be our primary focus.

The day-to-day chore of running a performant and reliable database is significant, so our goal is to provide you with the tools and platform to tackle these challenges and get back to work on what you are really passionate about.

Have Questions?

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