NewsBits: A new RabbitMQ 3.7, a fresh PHP 7.2.0 and multiple Redis released


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Database Bits

RabbitMQ 3.7: The Rabbit developers have now released RabbitMQ 3.7. The new version of the message queue platform brings pluggable cluster peer discovery, arbitrary restart ordering, separate stores for all virtual hosts and new optional LevelDB-based, disk storage plugin. There's a new generation of CLI tools, extensible through plugins written with Elixir too. Add in enhancements to the management plugin and HTTP API endpoints, a new AMQP 1.0 plugin project and enhancements to clients and other plugins and it all adds up to a major update to RabbitMQ. You can find out more details in the 3.7.0 release notes.

Redis 4: Running Redis 4.x? Things got interesting this week. Some PSYNC2 bugs were isolated by Redis creator @antirez. This lead to a release of 4.0.3 on Thursday. Then as some fixes for some particular cases didn't make that release, a few hours later, the release of 4.0.4. Other fixes included changes to how LFU estimated key popularity and some bugs in Redis modules. Unfortunately it took till the day after for a bug to be discovered in 4.0.4 which would see secondary servers crash if using Lua scripting. Lessons were learned and 4.0.5 was released within an hour of the report.

Apache Impala: Apache Impala is joining the many top-level projects at the Apache Foundation. Impala can be thought of as a SQL query layer built on top of Hadoop enabling the Hadoop layer to process more familiar BI/Analytics queries over the cluster without resorting to MapReduce. And it works alongside Apache Hive using the same metadata and driver.

Amazon Neptune: Among the many announcements at this weeks AWS Re:invent conference, Amazon pulled the sheets back on Amazon Neptune, a managed graph database in limited preview. Interesting features include support for Tinkerpop powered Gremlin queries and W3C SPARQL queries.

Developer Bits

PHP 7.2.0: The latest PHP has arrived in the form of version 7.2.0. What's new? Argon2 password hashing, libsodium crypto as a core extension, type hinting and the almost surreal counting of non-countable objects. Benchmarks of PHP 7.2 release candidates indicate a reasonable boost in performance of 15-20% over 7.1 on PHPBench. May the migration guide speed your updating.

MQTT 5.0: No, not quite yet, but there is a new version of MQTT on the way and it is a big change for the messaging protocol. In Hello MQTT Version 5.0!, Jens Deters takes a look at what's coming for the little protocol that could. Specifically, it is being built up for scaled-up systems with millions od devices. From user properties, payload identifiers, shared subscriptions and lots of behavior changes, MQTT 5.0 is going to be a big change for MQTT developers.

And finally, a dis-embiggened Mac from Jeroen Domburg aka Sprite_tm. And when we say dis-embiggened, we mean miniaturized, the case comes up halfway up to the side of a soda can, the display is 1.63" in size and inside the processor is an ESP32 running a 68000 emulator. Sit back and enjoy his Hackaday Superconference talk where he demonstrates his miniscule creation.

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