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Compose's NewsBit's for the week ending November 25th - a quiet week with Thanksgiving in the US but it still saw ArangoDB getting funded, Redis getting a rusty module, Fedora 25 landing in Wayland, a question on the ethics of code, curl getting a security audit. It also saw Margaret Hamilton recognized and the discovery of the quickest way to pub crawl all the UK's pubs.

Database Bits

ArangoDB raises - The company behind ArangoDB has announced that it has raised 2.2 million euros of venture investment. The multi-model database maker says the money is going on growth and international expansion.

Redis limiting - Redis-cell joins the emerging Redis module ecosystem. The module implements rate-limiting as a native single command in the Redis database. More interestingly perhaps, Redis-cell is implemented in Rust and uses Rust's FFI to integrate with Redis's module system; it's hoped this will be as fast as C but less prone to C's memory and stack pitfalls.

Developer Bits

Fedora 25 - The pioneering Linux distribution that isn't a Debian derivative, Fedora, saw its latest release land with no big surprises. The biggest switch has been on the desktop, where Wayland is now the default display server. Elsewhere, Rust has been added to the languages available, NodeJS has been updated to 6.x, PHP 7 is now default and there's the latest GNOME desktop. And there's a version for the Raspberry Pi 2/3.

Coding shame - It isn't just inelegant for loops, wild whiles or just chaotic code that can bring feelings of shame upon a programmer as this recollection by Bill Sourer reveals. It shows why you write code is as important as how you write code.

curl audited - Earlier this month we mentioned how there was an update to curl with 11 CVE security fixes in it. Turns out this wasn't a rash of exploits but the careful work of a security audit.

Other Bits

Margaret Hamilton - This week saw President Obama present the Medal of Freedom to Margaret Hamilton for her work leading the Apollo missions onboard flight software development. She specialized in error prevention and fault tolerance, skills which helped the Apollo 11 mission land safely on the moon despite various alarms being triggered. Also recognized with the Medal of Freedom, albeit posthumously, was Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, the pioneer of compiling languages who helped create COBOL.

Challenging Salesman - The UK has many, many public houses and at a research team has set out to work out the shortest path between 24,727 of them. That's a hard problem and after two years it turns out the shortest route is 45,495,239 meters. No news on anyone trying to complete this route... yet.

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