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Database Bits

TiDB 1.0: Another Google Spanner inspired distributed database has reached version 1.0. this time it's TiDB. TiDB is, literally the MySQL to CockroachDB's PostgreSQL; it implements MySQL protocols where CockroachDB implement PostgreSQL protocols.

Both set out to offer geographically distributed, resilient databases. You can find out more about TiDB, and the TiKV storage layer, in this article, including how it handles distributed joins and other challenges. The 1.0 release notes show the focus on SQL query optimization and MySQL compatibility for the debut.

JanusGraph 0.2.0: The vote passed to release JanusGraph 0.2.0. The 0.2.0 release brings wider compatibility with backend databases; - most notably, the limited Elasticsearch support now covers all the ES generations right up to 6.0.0rc, more Cassandra versions, Lucene 7.0.0 support and more. We'll have a closer look at those changes in the near future.

PostgreSQL Indexes: Confounded by the range of index types in PostgreSQL? You aren't alone and this tour of Postgres index types should be a big help as it illustrates when you should use each one.

etcdircd: What if you put IRC, the original chat, on a server network built out of etcd servers? Wonder no more as etcdircd has done just. It uses etcd watches to monitor and reconnect the servers while presenting a traditional IRC front-end to users. There's also the capability of encrypting the traffic though the project is definitely in its early days. It is packed with etcd v3 API consuming code in a non-management application.

MySQL updates: There's a new MySQL out; leading the release pack is 5.7.20 and it's packed full of bug fixes. The MySQL Entomologist has done a round-up - possibly the last - of the public bugs fixed in this release.

RethinkDB: Want to get right up to date with RethinkDB? Check out the latest podcast from The Changelog where they are joined by Mike Glukhovsky, co-founder of RethinkDB who's actively involved in the community since RethinkDB shut down. Mike talks about modifier functions, a new capability in development in RethinkDB which brings its own take to the idea of stored procedures. That should come in 2.4, due "sometime this year".

Cloud Bits

Docker and Kubernetes: Kubernetes is everywhere and now, Docker has succumbed to the inevitable by bringing native Kubernetes support to Docker. Announced at DockerCon, the new support will live alongside Docker's Swarm technology but, given pretty much everyone now supports or uses Kubernetes, expect the new native support to be popular with Docker users and customers.

CRI-O 1.0: If you want to be container-agnostic with your cloud orchestration, Red Hat have something for you in the shape of CRI-O 1.0. It lets you launch any OCI-compliant container from Kubernetes through a lightweight runtime. The open source project works with Kubernetes 1.7 and a release candidate for CRI-O 1.8, a Kubernetes 1.8 compatible version, is due soon. Find out more at the CRI-O Github repository and blog.

Consul 1.0: Hashicorp have unveiled Consul 1.0, their open source micro-services discovery, configuration, monitoring, and networking platform which has been in development, and production use, since early 2014. Find out more at

Developer Bits

Node DoS: Next week, the Node developers will be releasing updates to all supported Node versions, 4.x, 6.x and 8.x. This is in response to a High severity vulnerability to denial of service attacks. Be ready to update your applications; as always, once revealed, potential attackers will be able to weaponize the fixes.

Node 9.0: Also coming soon, Node 9.0, which is currently at release candidate stage. Scheduled, according to the tracker, to land in time for Halloween, there's an updated V8 engine, deprecated API cleanups and probably some aggressive performance boosting for the fs filesystem package.

DragonFly 5.0: DragonFly BSD is one of the more interesting BSD based operating systems and the release of DragonFly 5.0 is a bit of a milestone as it can now boot from its HAMMER2 filesystem. HAMMER is the reason that DragonFly exists as it was created to develop a file system that offered "instant crash recovery, multi-volume file systems, integrity checking, fine grained history/undo, networked mirroring, and historical snapshots".

And Finally - Having problems with your new MacBook's keyboard? Tried cleaning it? Still just pressing the space bar and nothing happens? There's a song about that.

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