Newsbits: Elasticsearch 5.0, Node 7.0, Lambda Go, Swift and No Battery Transistors


Compose NewsBits for the week ending October 28th - Elasticsearch 5.0.0 released, Node 7.0.0 released, an AWS Lambda framework for Go, Swift Server APIs, and No Batteries Needed Transistors.

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Database Bits

Elastic 5.0.0 - Elastic, the Elasticsearch folks, have released version 5.0 of the new Elastic Stack. Like we noted last week in regards to the Release Candidate, this includes Elasticsearch 5.0 with numerous new features and many changes. Also included are releases of the following:

Development Bits

Node v7.0.0 - A new major release of Node that includes V8 5.4 which means 98% coverage of ES6 language features built in! Put your transpilers down.

AWS Lambda Go - eawsy/aws-lambda-go is another serverless framework for Go on AWS Lambda platform. This one uses the Python runtime to kick off running your Go binary.

Other Bits

Swift Server API Project - Swift, the open source language from Apple, continues it's movement out into the larger world beyond Cupertino with a nod towards the server side of things with this announcement about forming a work group for server APIs.

Ultralow Power Transistors Could Function for Years without Batteries - The University of Cambridge engineers say they have designed a transistor that could run off of energy "scavenged" from its environment. Perfect for wearables or IoT.

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