NewsBits: Elasticsearch 6 goes RC and Kubernetes reaches 1.8


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Database Bits

Elasticsearch - It's release candidate season and Elastic have joined the fray with Elasticsearch 6.0 RC1. The headline change on this release is it now includes the GA release of Lucene 7 - the library that provides the foundation Elasticsearch builds on.

There's also, of course, synchronized RC1 releases of Kibana and the other parts of the ElasticStack. Meanwhile, as noted in last weeks NewsBits, the expected 5.6.2 release happened.

Elastic also released Elastic APM alpha, a new open source platform for application performance management. At it's core, an APM server and an Elasticsearch cluster. It's starting life with agents for gathering metrics from Node and Python apps.

Redis - NewsBits missed the release of Redis 4.0.2 and 3.2.11 which fixed a number of critical bugs. We are pleased to note that Redis 3.2.11 is already available on Compose and Redis 4.0.2 debuted in the Compose Redis 4 release.

MongoDB - While it's heading towards 3.6, MongoDB took a little time to release an update for MongoDB 3.2 with 3.2.17 now available.

Cloud Bits

Kubernetes - The latest version of Kubernetes, 1.8, has been released. The announcement highlights security and workload support in this edition. It sees the the stable badge applied to role-based access control, Workload API and CronJobs. There's also a set of preview features in alpha in this release; for a full run down check out the release notes for 1.8.

Developer Bits

React - The licensing of the React library from Facebook had gained some criticism by dint of it's BSD+Patents license getting marked as incompatible by the Apache Software Foundation. Facebook reacted by changing the licensing and releasing React 16 under an MIT license. The new React has a new internal architecture called Fiber, better server-side rendering, enhanced error handling and more whilst making it around 30% smaller.

GraphQL - Another thing that got relicensed by Facebook was GraphQL. Being a specification rather than code, GraphQL is being put under the Open Web Foundation Agreement 1.0 which includes a patent non-assertion clause. The code side of GraphQL - the reference implementation of the server and client side framework Relay - are also being relicensed to MIT. This puts GraphQL on a firmer footing towards becoming a standard.

Swift - We were so busy playing with our new Apple updates, we forgot to mention Swift 4 is now out. Easier to use strings, collection types and a complete package manager (because it's 2017 and every language needs a package manager). Remember that Swift runs on Linux as well as Apple platforms.

Micro - It's been around for a while, but the micro editor is an interesting exercise in creating a terminal-based editor thats relatively modern; it even understands mouse clicks well. It just had an update to 1.3.3 with various fixes to the Go-based editor.

And finally

Fancy giving it all up and being a tram driver for cats? Short Trip is a delightful interactive web illustration that lets you try that idea out.

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