NewsBits: Kafka goes 2.0, TypeScript hits 3.0 and Istio is 1.0


Welcome to NewsBits where you'll find the database, OS, security, and developer news from around the net for the week ending August 3rd.

Now, those bits in full:

Database Bits


Kafka - With the release of Apache Kafka 2.0.0, the developers have looked to improve the security and reliability of the data streaming/storage/publishing platform. On the security front, there's now support for "prefixed ACLs" which can set the access of a set of topics, groups or ids that share the same prefix - handy for partitioning an organization's data flow. There's also better, faster TLS encryption which can be updated without server restarts.

There's also new configurable quota management, externalized secrets for connections and support for optional topology optimization. The release notes have all the details and the new version is available on the Kafka download page.


pgPool-II - The connection pool for PostgreSQL, pgPool-II, has seen a patch update to version 3.7.5 fixing a number of bugs. There's also updates for older stable version - 3.6.12, 3.5.16, 3.4.19 and a last update - 3.3.22 - for the now end of life 3.3.

Cloud Bits


Istio, the open source service mesh for securing and managing traffic within cloud deployments has reached version 1.0. The project emerged a year ago from work between Lyft and Google Cloud and soon gathered a wider community. Istio 1.0 sees work by that wider community, with IBM and Red Hat joining the push to make managing microservices easier. Istio already has many adopters and version. Version 1.0 features support for multiple Kubernetes clusters in a single mesh, a beta release of the fine-grained network control APIs and incrementally updatable mutual TLS support.

Developer Bits


TypeScript is Microsoft's optionally typed JavaScript dialect and now TypeScript 3.0 has been released. The new version adds many features. Some are aimed at the build process like project references, which allow TypeScript projects to depend on other TypeScript projects, and tools to work with them. Others are aimed at the language itself, richer tuple types, better parameter lists, and a new unknown type. And still others are aimed at users of the language with better error reporting reporting sources of errors in other files, better, more concise elaboration on what has gone wrong when an error is detected and various enhancements to the editing experience.


Now an incubating project at the Apache Foundation, Apache Netbeans 9.0 is the first full release of the Java IDE since it moved to the foundation. While the goals of this release were to IP clear Oracle's donated code and get Java 9 and 10 support in, there's also some enhancements. These include variable type inference, support for Jigsaw modules, modular projects and the Java Shell command line.


Django 2.1 is the new iteration of the Python web framework to appear. The announcement also notes the end of support for Django 2.0, with security and data loss fixes running through till April 2019 for it. Django 2.1's big feature is an option to give read-only views of models. This is accompanied by a slew of minor features you'll find listed in the 2.1 release notes.

And finally...

A CD in a Tweet! Alok Menghrajani decided to follow up on his floppy disk game in a tweet from 2015 by packing a game onto a CD ISO Image and then packing that all into a tweet. He details the creation in his blog including hand-crafting the image and crunching it all into that tweet.

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