NewsBits - MongoDB 3.4, Amazon announcements, ReasonDB, Azure in a box, PHP 7.1.0, Git 2.11, Go 1.8 Beta and Node.js developments


NewsBits for the week ending December 2nd - MongoDB 3.4 goes generally available, Amazon announces and previews at Re:invent, building a box for Azure, ReasonDB is reasonable, PHP 7.1.0 and Git 2.11 are released, Go 1.8 is ready for beta testing, and VM Neutrality is the big thing at the Node.js Foundation.

Database Bits

MongoDB 3.4 goes GA - MongoDB Inc made MongoDB 3.4 GA a little sooner than expected. The release notes cover the details. For the database developer, there's a new 128bit decimal type, a $graphlookup recursive lookup aggregation, faceted search and many other new operators for aggregation, the addition of collation for language specific sorting, and read-only views. At scale, there's more awareness of shard membership, new faster load balancing, sharding zones to replace tagged sharding, and a new linearizable read concern that only returns data written successfully by the majority and acknowledged as that.

Amazon Announces - Amazon announced many things during it's Re:invent event from the intriguing - EC2 instances with FPGAs - to the inevitable - a low cost 'simple' AWS service Amazon Lightsail. Other announcements ranged from services for developers like Codebuild and Distributed Tracing to processing at the edge of the network and streaming desktop apps. They even went and previewed a PostgreSQL compatible version of their proprietary Aurora database, which started life as a MySQL compatible database and now takes on PostgreSQL. And to fill it up? Amazon Snowmobile, 100 Petabytes of storage on the back of a truck.

Azure in a box - An interesting post on making a small box that can run the "Azure Stack" - lots of pointers for packing a lot of power into a small space.

ReasonDB - This seems to be a project to watch - ReasonDB is a JavaScript database that runs in browser or in Node.js and comes complete with a SQL-like language (JOQULAR), synchronization, multiple backends including Redis and filesystems, and what looks like good extensibility. And all under an MIT license.

Developer Bits

PHP 7.1.0 - PHP 7 has been showing itself as a grand improvement in PHP performance and stability since it was released last year and now the PHP 7.1.0 release is adding features to the language. These include the ability to have types that can be null, void returns, an iterable pseudo-type for traversing any set of values, constants for classes, square brackets for lists and list destructuring, multiple exception capture and much more.

Git 2.11 - A subtle change has come to Git 2.11. Where previous Git versions abbreviated object names so the long 40 digit identifiers could be shorter 7 character identifiers, the danger of ambiguity with those shorter names is now such that 2.11 scales the length of the shorter scale with the number of objects, and provides new ways to handle ambiguity in a shortened identifier. Throw in performance optimizations and many other small enhancements and that's Git 2.11 - Github's blog has a full readable writeup.

Go 1.8 beta - Due to land on February 1st, the beta for the next edition of the Go language has an improved toolchain with better code generation, fewer GC pauses, HTTP/2 push support and more use of context - introduced in 1.7 and now extended to the SQL library. Read what's coming in the draft release notes for 1.8 and if you're the testing kind.

Node.js news - The new Node.js Foundation is working on bringing "VM Neutrality" to Node. Node has historically been based on the V8 JavaScript engine but Microsoft has been working to bring its Chakra engine into Node. Now the Foundation is to start building nightly versions of node-chakracore as part of its work in making Node independent of the underlying virtual machine. It's not just building Chakra though; there's also Samsung's JerryScript, which is running Node on IoT scale devices, and the work being done to stabilize the module API. More about all this in a recent blog post.

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