NewsBits: MongoDB 4.0 due this summer with multidocument ACID transactions


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Database Bits

MongoDB Future - MongoDB have announced that the headline feature for MongoDB 4.0 will be "multidocument ACID transactions" - The ability to encapsulate many document changes in one operation. This feature will come with the planned Summer release of MongoDB 4.0 but will be limited to replica sets. The MongoDB 4.2 version coming after that is penciled in as capable of working over sharded systems. Oddly, MongoDB Inc claims this feature is only needed for 10-20% of applications.

MongoDB Present - Last week's MongoDB 3.4.12 release was followed by a fix for a bug in WiredTiger metrics in release. So, the latest 3.4 is 3.4.13. With all last week's updates, we also missed mentioning 3.2 had an update with 3.2.19.

Elasticsearch - Expect an update to Elasticsearch 6.2.1 soon; the release notes for Elasticsearch 6.2.2 are up, awaiting release post an incident on the Elastic cloud.

OmniDB 2.5 - 2ndQuadrant's relaunch of OmniDB promised support for more than just PostgreSQL and with the release of the OmniDB 2.5 they are delivering on that. The new release adds Oracle support once Oracle's InstantClient is installed in the lib directory and gives Oracle users basic support to add connections, login, run queries and view table relationship graphs.

PostgreSQL Locks - Want to get a practical feel for PostgreSQL locking? Check out PostgreSQL rocks, except when it blocks which shows why you can block PostgreSQL and how to avoid it.

Developer Bits

Ember 3.0 - The Ember project has released version 3.0 of Ember.js, Ember Data and Ember CLI. These make up the latest version of the "ambitious web framework". The big change with 3.0 is that a swathe of deprecated APIs are now being removed. So, don't try and migrate to Ember 3.0 till you've checked your API usage.

Objection.js - Looking for an ORM for your Node.js application? Here's Objection.js which works with SQLite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL and has just hit its version 1.0.0 after three years of development. Among its interesting features, Graph inserts and upserts that manage relationships in the tables. It's built on Knex, a SQL query builder.

Rust 1.24 - The Rust language got another regular update with Rust 1.24. This sees two new features in the toolchain: rustfmt, a preview of a standard Rust code formatter, and the activation, by default, of incremental compilation for Rust code. The former should make for more readable code while the latter should speed up build times for substantial projects.

DTrace for Linux - During FOSDEM, Oracle quietly let people know it was porting DTrace to Linux as a GPL-licensed component. DTrace was core to Sun's story on Solaris observability which was not available on Linux due to licensing issues. DTrace was incorporated into macOS and FreeBSD though. Much engineering happened to bring alternatives to Linux such as eBPF, so now the question is which technology will prevail in the Linux kernel.

And finally... MPEG-2 is free. The video encoding format which spawned MP3 audio and was at the heart of decades of digital video is now free of patents in nearly all of the world except the Philippines and Malaysia.

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