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Database Bits

MongoDB and Go: MongoDB has announced their plans to develop their own Go driver for MongoDB. Go has been served by the mgo driver for some time. MongoDB use mgo in many of their tools. It does appear though that development has stalled on mgo; the last release was in 2015. MongoDB say they are eager to get a driver in line with other language's official MongoDB drivers and for that reason have begun their own development of an open source driver. There's no code to see yet though; an alpha is due "in the coming months".

MongoDB Updates: A minor update for MongoDB 3.6, 3.6.2, came out this week. Bug fixes for changestreams, mongoshell and collection cloning are included according to the release notes.

etcd Updates: More etcd updates have landed with 3.2.14 and a fresh release candidate 2 for the forthcoming 3.3.

PostgreSQL: The PostgreSQL community has announced an official Twitter presence as @postgresql. It's a manually curated feed of PostgreSQL content.

Meltdown/Spectre: More benchmarking is coming in of database performance post the Meltdown/Spectre patches being applied. In two articles from 2nd Quadrant and Dataegret, synthetic benchmarks show, with a correctly patched system around 5-7% performance impact. ScyllaDB benched Scylla's Meltdown/Spectre response seeing something closer to 5% performance impact. This 5% figure seems to be the norm for well patched systems and the original advice to replace your CPUs from CERT is now apply updates.

DBAs: Are you a Database Administrator? Redmonk's Stephen O'Grady asks Whither the DBA. In it he looks at how that role may be changing in a shift something like that which happened to development and ops to bring about devops.

ViyaDB: Another database to add to your list, ViyaDB is an open source, in-memory, columnar data store for analytics with a REST and basic SQL interface. It's development was driven by a pragmatic need to analyze mobile application user activity and it can work into Apache Spark. An interesting bit of niche filling.

Developer Bits

Teleport 2.4: The open source SSH server Teleport has been updated and now includes the ability to use Github credentials for OAuth authentication. Github is where you'll find the open source version of Teleport.

JavaScript: It's back! The debate about semicolons in JavaScript that is. Semicolons have always been an optional thing in JavaScript code with ASI (automatic semicolon insertion) working out where to add them in. After a TC 39 proposal suggested "consistently explicit semicolon use is recommended", a discussion over wether ASI is a good or bad thing has reignited with the father of JavaScript, Brendan Eich objecting. The short version is ASI isn't going away, but future ECMAScript/JavaScript developments may require that users be explicit with semicolons when those features are being used.

AI: When someone asks what can you use AI for, the list over at is actually a good starting place. It organizes reports of AI applications by category and then rates them as "Crushing it", "Competent" and "Getting There". There's everything from directing a panel game and spotting fake news to juggling balls and improving Wifi performance.

And finally - We like a bit of computing history here, especially when its brought back to life. Back in 1973, the Xerox Alto pioneered networking with an original 3Mbps Ethernet over coaxial cable. As part of a Xerox Alto restoration, Ken Shirriff has been building a gateway to that 3Mb/s Ethernet using a Beaglebone. It was a mighty challenge but now some of the earliest Ethernet based machines can, over 40 years on, talk to modern systems.

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