Newsbits: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Chrome, Ubuntu and Kubernetes updates, Teleporter hits 2.0, and MintyPI 2.0


The NewsBits for week ending April 14th - Still More PostgreSQL 10 features, MySQL InnoDB Cluster hits the shelves, MySQL hits Milestone 8.0.1, Elasticsearch squishes a nasty bug, Google Chrome gets headless support, Kubernetes 1.6 comes to Ubuntu 17.04, Teleporter hits 2.0, and a portable game console in an Altoids tin.

It's all the news that Compose's Content Curator has found in the last week, served up in delicious bits. These are the NewsBits.

Database Bits

PostgreSQL 10 Future Feature Roundup

PostgreSQL Contributor Robert Haas gives us a deeper dive into even more of the new features slated for release in PostgreSQL 10. Chief among these is the addition of Table Partitioning, which allows developers to split large tables into multiple smaller partitions that can then be indexed or queried independently. While many developers were already simulating this with Table Inheritance, the new commit adds proper partitioning which is separate from Inheritance. Also announced is logical replication, a feature that replicates data in rows of data rather than in file system blocks.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster GA Released

The MySQL server team announced that the InnoDB Cluster, their native High-Availability solution for MySQL, has left the Release Candidate stage and is now Generally Available. This means you can start doing Group Replication on MySQL 5.7+ servers and use the MySQL Router 2.1 to perform load balancing and routing for graceful failover between multiple MySQL servers. The new GA release also comes with MySQL shell for creating and administering InnoDB clusters. See the full list of updates on the MySQL server team blog.

MySQL Milestone 8.0.1 Now Available

On the development side of things, the MySQL server team has released the MySQL 8.0.1 Development Milestone, giving developers a chance to start working on the latest MySQL features before they're ready for prime time. Among the new features in this release are improvements in GIS features, including real GIS calculations, updated cost models for determining how to store data efficiently on disk, improved Histogram support, the long awaited SKIP_LOCK feature which allows updates to occur on a database table even when some rows are locked, more JSON features including aggregation functions, and a lot more.

Elasticsearch 5.3.0 Multi Data Path Bug

Developers that use custom data paths in Elasticsearch 5.3.0 are warned about a bug that could potentially cause data loss. The team has provided some instructions for determining whether or not you've been affected and a workaround. Those that have already upgraded to 5.3.1, and those using Elasticsearch prior to 5.3.0 are not affected.

REDIS Developer Day 2017

Our friends over at the Redis community on Reddit are coordinating a developer day this June in San Francisco. Anyone that's interested in developing for the Redis and anyone using Redis for large use cases is encouraged to join.

Developer Bits

Chrome Announces Headless Support

Over at YCombinator, there's been chatter about Google Chrome going headless. Headless mode would allow developers to create server-side applications that can read and manipulate website data, render screenshots from websites, and extract meta-data from websites without having to render the web pages to a browser. While this has already been in the wild for a while with libraries like PhantomJS, it's nice to see a Chromium-native option in the pipeline.

Kubernetes 1.6 on Ubuntu 17.04 Now GA

With the release of Ubuntu 17.04 comes a deeper focus on container technology. In addition to a wider range of support for various container technologies, the Generally Available release of Kubernetes 1.6 on Ubuntu brings production-ready orchestration to the platform as well. Version 1.6 of the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) brings with it TLS-encryption support within a Kubernetes cluster and High-Availability support across a range of cloud platform service providers (including IBM Bluemix).

Teleport 2.0 Released

Teleport, the SSHD replacement for teams managing distributed infrastructure, reached the 2.0 milestone with new features and lots of incremental updates. In addition to improving OpenSSH interoperability, version 2.0 also adds, among other things, native DyanamoDB support for storing cluster state, support for one-time-password two-factor authentication, and Role-Based Authentication for Enterprise clients.

And Finally

A Portable Game Console in a Tin!

In what must be the ultimate in portable gaming console, the hackers over at sudomod have published their latest project: an Raspberry Pi Zero W-powered gaming console that fits in an Altoids tin, something they've affectionately dubbed the MintyPI 2.0. This version comes with 3D printed parts to give it a polished look, and has integrated Wifi and USB Audio thanks to the $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W. The team plans on releasing a build guide in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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