NewsBits: PostgreSQL tooling, Go, Powershell and Python


Welcome to NewsBits where you'll find the database, cloud, and developer news from around the net for the week ending July 20th.

Database Bits


pspg has a new version. The pager for MySQL and PostgreSQL can now be configured via pull-down menu in the newest update to version 1.2.0. Released soon after is version 1.2.1 with bugfixes.


There's a new PostgreSQL extension in the works named pgSentinel. Its beta release provides active session history from pg_stat_activity and can also then link that activity to query statistics from pg_stat_statements. More components are also in development.

GraphQL on PostgreSQL

Hasura allows you to build GraphQL applications and add GraphQL APIs to existing PostgreSQL databases. A new pre-release version is available this week or it also has a couple of quickstart options with Heroku or Docker.

Developer Bits


The Go release of version 1.11 is getting closer with the release of Go 1.11beta2. Go 1.11 is anticipated to be released later this summer, but you can view the draft release notes to get a preview of the changes.

PowerShell on Linux

Microsoft has released a Snap of Powershell for Linux. The containerized package is designed to make PowerShell easy to install across Linux versions and easy to keep up-to-date and install.

Python in VS Code

Microsoft has also announced that the June & July releases of the Python Extension are now available in VS Code. Featured is an opt-in preview of the Python Language Server, which brings over the IntelliSense engine from Visual Studio. Also included is a whole range of bug fixes (156 of them) and quite a few feature enhancements.

And Finally...

This week, as of July 17th, Yahoo! Messenger is no more. You probably already noticed this if you were an active user, but included in the announcement are instructions to download your chat history. It's available for export and download until the end November 2018.

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