NewsBits: ScyllaDB 1.6, Gitlab DB Troubles, Elasticsearch 5.2, Node 7.5.0, and more


NewsBits for week ending February 3rd: The release of ScyllaDB 1.6 RC1, Gitlab shuts down temporarily due to data troubles, Realm React Native hits 1.0, Elasticsearch gets some updates in 5.2.0, Node hits 7.5.0 with some new features and performance updates, Serverless announces OpenWhisk, Debian overhauls their manpages site, and Whalebrew makes installing Docker images and running them on the command line easier.

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Database Bits

Elasticsearch 5.2.0 - The latest iteration of Elasticseearch 5, 5.2.0 adds in number and date range indexers, an explaining API for allocation, keyword normalizers and other changes.

ScyllaDB 1.6 RC1 - The next iteration of ScyllaDB is nearly with us with the release of SycllaDB 1.6 RC1. This update adds experimental Debian 8 support and an upgradable AMI image, tweaks metrics formats and includes many bugfixes and improvements under the hood. More importantly, when 1.6 arrives, support for 1.4 and earlier ends - Scylla operates a narrow window of supported versions.

Gitlab database troubles - The Gitlab developers had some database and backup troubles this week in what is becoming a cautionary tale in testing backups. The development team at Gitlab was transparent about the details of the incident and detailed how they had to work hard to get back to a six-hour-old copy of their PostgreSQL database, recovered from a staging server as all of their multi-faceted automated backup strategies failed. 2ndQuadrant's Simon Riggs offered his PostgreSQL thoughts, while others offered a new day of awareness to remind developers of the need to check their backups.

Development Bits

Realm React Native 1.0: Realm, the company behind its namesake embedded document store for mobile devices, released version 1.0 of their React Native platform after more than a year of development. Realm React Native provides React developers with new tools for automatically syncing data between a React Native mobile application and the Realm Object Server.

Node 7.5.0 - NodeJS bumped up to Version 7.5.0 with a few new features and a notable bugfix to the crypto module. Version 7.5.0 of the development platform updates its OpenSSL version to address a low-impact bug. Node also saw improved performance in its implementation of buffers, and the http module received updates in both its query string parsing capabilities and request functionality.

Whisked Serverless - Serverless computing is in and the framework which claimed the name, Severless has just announced it now works with OpenWhisk. That means Serverless lambdas functions can be deployed on the OpenWhisk cloud and that makes it Serverless's first non-AWS based platform.

Other Bits

Debian manpages - If you look up the Debian manpages, you should find they've been completely refreshed with a fast static site, better navigation embedded and complete coverage for Debian editions.

Whalebrew - Is it a Docker image or is it a command repository? Whalebrew would like to answer that question with a yes. It creates a repository for easy to install Docker images which run as if they were a simple comand. It's one of those simple ideas which could change command line packaging. One to watch.

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