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Database Bits

Vault - Hashicorp's open source server for identities and secrets, Vault, has been updated to Vault 0.10. The new release has a revamped key/value secrets store with versioning and soft-delete support. More importantly, the web UI which was previously only in the enterprise edition is now part of the open source edition. The backend plugins now use gRPC so plugins can be written in languages other than Go; expect even more databases to be able to act as a storage layer for Vault.

PostgreSQL Futures - More PostgreSQL 11 features landing such as INCLUDE index covering. This allows indexes to be created where other columns beyond the indexed columns can be included in the index without being actually indexed. Queries can reference all these columns and not drop down to scanning the table while speeding up initial indexing.

One long-awaited feature, MERGE, which allows two tables to be safely merged in a single operation was committed but has since been reverted; it'll be one to look forward to in PostgreSQL 12.

MySQL 8 - MySQL 8 is close to becoming generally available and you may want to try it out. In the Data Charmer blog, Giuseppe Maxia covers how you can get one of the docker images or how you can sandbox MySQL 8 so you can start testing it.

MongoPlayground - It's always useful to be able to play with a database so you can experiment with queries. A new arrival in the available playgrounds is MongoPlayground which is an open sourced application which allows you to generate or load data and apply a query to it. Inspired by the Go Playground, it's a new open source application which has a lot of promise as a tool for learning the intricacies of MongoDB's queries and aggregations.

EdgeDB - Not yet with us, but being announced early is EdgeDB, which sets out its stall as an object-relational database. EdgeDB is using PostgreSQL as part of its technology stack but is setting out to offer a database with easily modified hierarchical objects which can have property-rich links to other objects. There are a schema and query DSL and more to come as the developers reveal more leading up to the open source release of a technology preview.

Developer Bits

Rails - Rails 5.2.0 is final and that means Rails developers can now make use of an Active Storage framework which manages file storage in the cloud, a Redis Cache Store which brings together the various usage patterns of Redis into one package and the ability to get HTTP/2 to send required content earlier to browsers. There's also support for handling Content Security Policy globally and a new Credentials concept that replaces the older Secrets and are always encrypted.

Fuschia - Google pulled the veil back on the OS they've been developing, confirming that it isn't Linux based in Fuschia is not Linux - The Book. It's a microkernel with a POSIX I/O layer and apparently, many of the layers you'd expect in a modern OS.

Rust - Looking for a gentle introduction to the Rust language? A Gentle Introduction to Rust could be a good place to start for existing developers. It's a new introduction which is still developing but already does a good job at getting you going with Rust.

Minio - Want to run your own S3 compatible service? Check out minio, which is an S3 API compatible, Go-based server that comes complete with its own object browser. It's designed to be small enough to be bundled into an application stack.

And finally... Facebook at Work isn't something for anyone who talks SQL as one engineer found out when it started blocking his posts as unsafe.

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