Node Knockout: Getting Started With MongoHQ


We are happy to provide the full MongoDB infrastructure for the Node Knockout competition this year. Here are some brief instructions for how to get started with using our service.

  1. Create a MongoHQ Account
    First Visit MongoHQ and create an account for you and your team. This will log you in.
  2. Add your Node Knockout Database
    Assuming you are still logged into MongoHQ, visit this link: Node Knockout Promo Database and from there, you will see one of the database options is for a Node Knockout database. Select the database, give it a name, and click the green Create button.
  3. Get your Connection Information
    Now that your database has been created, MongoHQ will present you with your connection strings. You can also access them from the *Database Info *tab. Now you can add the connection string to your application settings and you are ready to go.
  4. Get a Driver
    Now that you are good to go, here are some popular drivers that you can use when running your projects. Please note that there is not an officially supported 10gen driver for Node and MongoDB. All these are community-supported. Node Native Driver for MongoDB Node MongoDB

That’s it. Congrats on competing and best of luck!

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