If you are participating in the Node Knockout and are using MongoDB in your plans of 48 hour domination then I hope you took advantage of the no limit DB we offered to contestants. If you did take advantage of it but wish you had a UI to visualize data and run queries in then wish no more.

You can always signup for a MongoHQ account for free and use our remote connections to connect to your DB while using the MongoHQ interface to interact with your data, add indexes, and run queries.

Step 1 (Cut a hole in a box)

From the MongoHQ home page you will find an *Add a Remote Connection *link.

Step 2 (Put your junk in that box)

Fill in the remote connection form with the credentials given to you.

Step 3 (Make her open the box)

Now enjoy your data. You can navigate, query, insert/edit/remove documents, add/delete indexes and upload/inspect items in gridfs.

Conquer the Data Layer

Spend your time developing apps, not managing databases.