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Your weekly summary of Compose has a run down of the most recent database articles published and updates to the Bach command line tool.

Compose Articles

In Compose Articles in the past week, we looked at getting started with pgRouting, started a new Tool Up series with Administering PostgreSQL, and wrapped up our metrics tracking with Elasticsearch visualizing clicks using Kibana. And of course, there are our weekly NewsBits for news from beyond Compose.

Tool Updates

There's a small update for Bach, the open source command line for Compose which we introduced earlier this year.

In the latest update, 0.2.3, we've made some output more readable and added a new command, cacert. Many Compose deployments use self-signed certificates and we were asked if there was a super-quick way, beyond looking in the Compose console, to retrieve them.

While you could do a curl on the deployment details endpoint and then parse the JSON for the field and then decode it from base64 encoding, nobody's got time for that. Instead, bach cacert <deploymentid> will do it all for you in the blink of an eye.

You can download Bach for Windows, Linux and macOS from the Bach releases page.

If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

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