Noteworthy at Compose: Enterprise Horizontal Scaling Changes


This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this October 1st 2018 edition, we mark the end of support for MongoDB/Scylla Horizontal scaling and we also take a browse through the past week's Compose Articles.

Horizontal MongoDB and Scylla Scaling - End of Availability

Support for Horizontal scaling of MongoDB and Scylla on Compose Enterprise is being discontinued. A recent review of adoption experiences with Compose Enterprise revealed that the horizontal scaling experience on Enterprise was proving challenging to users, in part due to the underlying complexity of partitioning data.

Rather than maintain this unsatisfying route, we're taking the horizontal scaling option for MongoDB and Scylla on Compose Enterprise out of service. Existing users will continue to be able to use their horizontally scaled MongoDB environments; we are not setting an end of life for existing deployments. Elasticsearch horizontal scaling on Compose Enterprise is also unaffected.

New Compose Enterprise users will find that we are no longer activating the horizontal scaling feature for MongoDB. We have also removed related documentation to ensure a lack of confusion over available options.

Vertical scaling is, of course, unaffected by this change and remains one of the simplest, fastest ways to scale your MongoDB databases.

Compose Articles

Say hello to a new series on Compose Articles - PostgreSQL Tips. This new series is designed to pass on those useful tips you may not know and show how to apply them. First up, it's PostgreSQL Tips on Template Databases, those mysterious "other" databases that exist in your freshly created PostgreSQL database. Don't worry as it turns out they are super useful when it comes to managing new database schemas. Is there something in PostgreSQL you want tips about? Drop a mail to and we'll see what we can do.

Also last week:

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