Noteworthy at Compose: New Password API and better RabbitMQ logs


Your weekly summary of Compose has a run down of the most recent database articles published, a new password API and bigger RabbitMQ logs.

Compose Articles

This week at Compose, we took a long look at pgAdmin4 and got started with Compose PostgreSQL and Jupyter Notebooks.

There was also the launch of the Compose Grand Tour, a project to provide a singular example for many languages and all the Compose databases and services to make it easy to get up and running with a new language or database. It starts with examples for Node, Python and Go. Grand Tour is an open project so if you are a developer with a language you love, you can make it more accessible by creating a Grand Tour example for it.

Changing passwords automated

One regular request we've had is "Is there a more automated way to change a deployment's password?" and we've had to say no. Until now, when the answer can be yes with the latest endpoint added to the Compose API.

The /2016-07/deployments/:id/password endpoint allows an API user to change the master password across an entire deployment. Just remember that changing this password has to be done across the cluster and may, depending on the deployment's configuration, give some brief downtime.

RabbitMQ logs bigger

Compose RabbitMQ logs published through the syslog-ng addon have previously contained exclusively RabbitMQ log data. For a lot of people, thats been enough, but we've been asked to add the logs from the haproxy portals to the log information to give more information about connection states. That'll help people trying to fine tune their messaging reliability and throughput and we're happy to include it.

If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

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