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For customers who didn't upgrade their PostgreSQL deployment to the latest security-fixed version, we started implementing forced upgrades today.

About two months ago, we mentioned some important PostgreSQL security issues and updates coming to your Compose for PostgreSQL deployments. These security fixes are included in the latest minor versions. We released them to customers and advised everyone to upgrade.

A month ago, we gave those security-fixed versions "preferred" status on Compose. That article notified customers that they have 30 days to upgrade to at least their version's highest minor version on their own, or we'd implement forced upgrades.

We're now past the 30 days.

For customers who didn't take advantage of the upgrade, we've started implementing forced upgrades on all PostgreSQL deployments. That means 9.4.x PostgreSQL will be upgraded to 9.4.19, 9.5.x to 9.5.14 and 9.6.x to 9.6.10. It's important to note that these minor version upgrades don't introduce breaking changes.

We want everyone to have the latest updates of their databases, and that means having the latest versions in place. If your database hasn't been updated yet, you still have time to upgrade to the latest minor version or move up a major version. If you don't want to upgrade to a major version, then you can still do a simple in-place upgrade on your current major version to the highest minor version.

As we mentioned in a previous Noteworthy, all upgraded PostgreSQL deployments will be using Patroni on Compose as a core component for high-availability management.

We're working on customer upgrades now and expect to finish mid-November.

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