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This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this edition, we cover a maintenance event which will touch all Compose users at some point, along with a look back at the week in Compose Articles.

Working to protect your data

We're in the final stages of putting our GDPR planning into action so that your data is better protected than ever.

One of the big parts of that planning involves having to reconfigure many of the systems on the cloud servers which your databases are running. You should be seeing an email from support if your deployments live on one of those hosts and the maintenance window is approaching. We are also announcing this scheduled maintenance on We don't want you to miss the opportunity to know that this maintenance is taking place, so this Noteworthy, we're making sure you check your mail.

We have been and are carefully staging these reconfigurations to make sure they affect the least number of users in the least possible way. That means we make sure that when we do start the maintenance on a host, the deployments that use that host are replicated with database and portal nodes on another host. Where clients are correctly configured to fail over, that'll mean the minimum disruption to your applications.

If you have configured your applications to only use one portal, please look to adding portals and enabling failover features in whatever database driver you are using.

If you have any concerns, please do raise a ticket with support.

Compose Articles

Last week in Compose Articles:

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