Now Available: $100 SSD Replica Sets, Beta Autoscaling


We’ve been working hard on our underlying database infrastructure for the last several months in silence (mostly). Today, we’re releasing the first piece of a much larger set of tools: SSD backed replica sets at both $100/mo and $500/mo price levels.

SSDs are by far the best way to run most Mongo deployments and we’ve been experimenting with various disk setups for a little over a year now (there are a shocking number of SSD options out there). Today’s release represents the future of our hosted service: each database runs in an isolation capsule with dedicated memory, IO capacity and CPU capacity. The memory/CPU/disk resources are tuned to the most common Mongo workloads we’ve seen across our 50,000 hosted databases in the last three years.

The new databases

New database are available at two price levels, the first is a “just going into production” $100/mo replica set database:

The second level offer a per/GB price break, starting at $500/mo for a replica set DB:

Beta autoscaling

We’re also inviting some customers to participate in a private beta test of our database autoscaling. MongoDB loves memory and IO, so we’re rolling out live resource upgrades to help customer databases stay healthy during periods of rapid growth. Adding RAM and IO (vertical scaling) is nearly instantaneous and usually a much better option than forcing your data to work well with sharding. Want in? Just add one of these new DBs to your account and let us know:

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