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If you've been looking forward to some of the features of the recently released MongoDB 3.2 and waiting to try them on the Compose platform, we have good news for you. We've just turned on the ability to upgrade to MongoDB 3.2 on our beta MongoDB+ SSL-enabled deployments.

This is the first rollout of MongoDB 3.2 on the Compose platform, and we encourage you to to try it out. We’re looking forward to more of our customers using MongoDB+ with its SSL and enhanced high availability features. With the MongoDB 3.2 release, it’s an excellent opportunity to check out those new Compose features alongside the new MongoDB features.

How to get MongoDB 3.2 on Compose MongoDB+

Nothing could be simpler. Just sign up and create one or, if you are already signed up, create a new MongoDB+ deployment. You'll get MongoDB 3.2 by default.

If you already have a MongoDB+ deployment and you want to go MongoDB 3.2, go to your Compose Console and select your deployment. Then go to Settings where it will show you your current version (which should be 3.0.6) and offer you the chance to select 3.2 and start an upgrade. During the upgrade your deployment will be inaccessible as this is an extensive update.

What will you see with your new MongoDB 3.2 deployment? Let's give you a quick overview:

What's new with MongoDB 3.2?

There's many more enhancements at various levels of MongoDB that are detailed in the official release notes.

Migrating your data to MongoDB+

For our current MongoDB customers using our Elastic deployments, there's a number of ways to move your data between them and a MongoDB+ deployment. Our current recommendation is to use mongodump and mongorestore to move the complete dataset between the instances. You'll need the latest version of those tools with SSL enabled to complete the process. Contact for assistance in planning your migration.

What's not in this first rollout of MongoDB 3.2?

There's one feature of MongoDB 3.2 we aren't currently enabling and that's WiredTiger support. Although MongoDB Inc have made WiredTiger the default in 3.2, they continue to support the original MMAPv1 storage engine. We are continuing to investigate ways to deliver WiredTiger support while retaining Compose's efficiently economical model.

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