On Demand Backups Now Available for Elastic Deployments


We’re pleased to introduce today a new feature called, “Backup Now”. While we continue to automatically run daily backups for our Elastic Deployment users, this new feature allows Elastic Deployment users to create an on-demand backup at any time.

This backup can be run anytime as long as there isn’t an active backup already in operation. We only retain a single on-demand backup at a time. Customers are able to download or restore from this backup for up to one week. If a new on-demand backup is requested, it will replace the previous backup.

When Would I Need to BackUp On-Demand?

This new feature gives customers the flexibility to quickly restore their database. This comes in handy in the following scenarios:

Where do I find this new Feature?

You can find the BackUp Now feature in the backups tab as indicated below:


As always, if you have any questions or need more information, please contact via Twitter at (@mongohq) or email at: support@mongohq.com.

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