OSCON 2013 Wrapup


This year's oscon was almost overwhelmed with "We're hiring!"

From vender booths, after-hours events, attendee badges and even the conference app, it was clear that 80% of people were trying to hire the remaining 20%.

By the way, we're hiring.

Notwithstanding oscon almost becoming a career fair, creativity and community abounded from open hardware up to self-organized open management.

Talks expose a playground of lego blocks to use for building interesting technology, businesses and teams. Sharing the building blocks of community were some of the most interesting talks, and from interesting speakers such as Tom Preston-Werner, Paul Fenwick, and Robert Lefkowitz.

One trait of open source software is there are so many solutions for a single problem. For those in the MongoDB community, we try and make your life simpler by taking care of all the hosting/backup/monitoring/scaling solutions related to using a MongoDB database, so that you can focus on piecing together your application.

The image that sums up the creativity, community and humor of oscon comes from reacting to Piers Cawley singing "space is big" on stage.

This is awesome! RT: @NatiTal: #livesketching @pdcawley singing at #oscon pic.twitter.com/YK23KXD682

— Piers Cawley (@pdcawley) July 26, 2013

If you have time to watch just one talk, watch Paul Fenwick's closing keynote talk "Fear, Uncertainty, and Dopamine" and start hacking on a hobby, because you won't regret it (guaranteed). Then, of course, if your hobby needs some MongoDB storage, let us help so you can focus on building something awesome.

You can find a playlist of recorded oscon sessions on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL055Epbe6d5aclKNAa8msO1VvDOJ8sYlS

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