Preview Release of MongoDB 2.2 Now Available!


Today, we are announcing that all newly created sandbox databases are running MongoDB 2.2 RC0. This means that you can try out all the great new features of 2.2, including the aggregation framework, TTL collections and much more. This is a major upgrade to MongoDB and we are excited to be able to offer it to you.

Getting Started

Getting started is pretty easy … just click the big, green button on the rightand you are moments away from deploying MongoDB 2.2. Also, check our docsfor information on how to hook up your application as well as code examples!

What about the final release?

When the final release of MongoDB 2.2 is available, we will alert everyone (that has one of these new sandbox databases) about a brief database restart to complete the upgrade to the full MongoDB 2.2. In other words, our team will handle everything.

What about MongoDB 2.2 on larger databases?

When the final version of MongoDB 2.2 is made available, we’ll continue the process of testing and begin upgrading all of the larger managed databases. As always, we will communicate out to everyone to alert them of the maintenance time for this upgrade.

We plan to roll out additional information regarding this new release of MongoDB, including blog posts, updated documentation and other useful and timely information. If you have any questions, please contact us

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