Re-updates for Redis & RethinkDB


It's a busy week of upgrades at Compose. You'll have seen that we brought our Elasticsearch 1.5.2 upgrade forward for security reasons, but it's far from the only upgrade this week as we make RethinkDB and Redis updates available for users to move to at their own pace.

RethinkDB 2.0

We talked about the new features in RethinkDB 2.0 when it was released in mid April. As 2.0 is the "Production Ready" release, we've decided to make it available sooner. We do have some new platform features coming for RethinkDB which will make it much more accessible, but they'll now come in a future update. Until then you can tap into the potential of RethinkDB 2.0. If you don't feel ready to move to the "Production Ready" version of RethinkDB, we're keeping version 1.16.2 online for a while, but we're confident you'll find no reason to hold back. In fact, new RethinkDB deployments will use version 2.0.1 by default.

Redis 2.8.20

The Redis developers have moved to a new development model and Redis 3.0 is the first version that has appeared under this new model. Many of the features of 3.0 were backported to Redis 2.8, which Compose currently offers. While we're working on bringing Redis 3.0 to you, there's an update for the current Redis 2.8 to version 2.8.20. We are also defaulting to 2.8.20 too for new deployments.

League of Versions

After all those updates, the Compose League of Versions reads as follows:

Database Supported Versions Default Version
Compose MongoDB Sandboxes run MongoDB 2.4.
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