Redis 3.2.11 upgrade available


There's a Redis update available for Compose Redis 3.2 users and it's a good time to test your update readiness.

An upgrade to Redis 3.2.11 is now available on Compose. Current Compose users who are up to date have Redis 3.2.9. We are in the process of ensuring that all Redis user have access to the latest 3.x series Redis, 3.2.11, so they are also ready for a major update.

The release of Redis 3.2.11 had only one fix listed in the release notes which is not relevant to Compose Redis; we use RDB for persistence. The previous Redis 3.2.10 release was a non-urgent update and contained fixes to statistics, the CLIENT PAUSE command, added read-only GEORADIUS commands and added to the HyperLogLog sanity checking. That, of course, is rolled into the 3.2.11 update.

How to Upgrade

Users can in-place upgrade their Redis deployments to 3.2.11 by either following the prompts when they view their deployment's Overview in the Compose console or, simply by going to the console, selecting Settings. From there you should select 3.2.11 in the Change Version panel and click on the button to start the process.

Servers will be restarted on a rolling basis so long-standing connections may need to be established. Protip: If your application does create such connections, we recommend you add code to handle the disconnection and automatically reconnect to avoid the fragile pattern.

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