Redis 3.2, MongoDB 3.2.6 and Telegraf to Librato


It's all go here at Compose as new versions and new features come thick and fast. We've just made Redis 3.2 available, there's an update to MongoDB 3.2.6 available and the Telegraf add-on just got an extra destination, Librato. Let's look at all these...

Redis 3.2

Available now, Redis 3.2 brings a number of new features into the stable version on the in-memory database. The GEO API lets Redis users exploit the power of geohashes to do range and distance calculations on geographic locations with a set of new commands. The new BITFIELD command turns strings into bit arrays of integers so you can pack numeric values anywhere in the bit stream and increment and decrement them. There's also "a serious Lua Scripts Debugger" now supported in the redis-cli which we'll be looking at in a future article along with the new GEO API. @Antirez's announcement covers some of the other enhancements.

To get Redis 3.2, you will need to upgrade your current Redis deployment. On the Compose console, select Settings then in Change Version panel pick 3.2 and click Change Version. New deployments of Redis will deploy with Redis 3.0.7 so you will still have to upgrade your deployment.

MongoDB 3.2.6

Bringing our MongoDB right up to date, we've upgraded MongoDB to 3.2.6. There's no new features but there's numerous bug fixes throughout for the Wired Tiger and MMAPv1 versions of the database. With that in mind, new deployments of MongoDB will deploy with 3.2.6. If you want to upgrade to 3.2.6, go to your MongoDB's Compose console and select Settings. Then in Change Version pick 3.2.6 and click Change Version.

Telegraf to Librato

When we launched the Telegraf metrics add-on, we released it with only Datadog support. We always planned on adding more destinations for your metrics data, and now we have. The new destination is the Librato metrics platform. You'll need to sign up with Librato and get your API user and token details which you can then plug into the Telegraf addon.

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