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Database Bits


We now have a date for Redis 5's release.

Mark your calendars.

Big Data

Hadoop, as a big data platform, saw a number of companies emerge to bring it to market. Hortonworks and Cloudera are the recognized names, and now they are joining up in a $5.2Bn merger. There's no details on what the merged company will be called but the companies say the new entity will focus on the "enterprise data cloud".


A minor update to Elasticsearch's leading version, 6.4, arrived this week with Elasticsearch 6.4.2. The release notes cover various bug fixes and an enhancement to the graph phrase query handling so it can stop "crazy expansions" happening.


TurtleDB is a new JavaScript framework for offline-first apps. Queries hit your browsers local storage first before being forwarded to a remote TortoiseDB backend which, currently, wraps MongoDB. The interesting part is that it appears to be very lightweight.

Developer Bits

JavaScript and Node

The Node.JS Foundation and the Javascript Foundation have announced they intend to merge. The Node.JS Foundation came, in part, from the reunificaton of the Node and io.js developments to add a neutral process to building Node back in 2015. The JavaScript Foundation appeared a year later, bringing together the many stakeholders in JavaScript. Both organizations are under the Linux Foundation's umbrella making the operational element of merging fairly simple. The intent to merge proposal is about seeking public feedback on what a merged organization would focus on - beyond the obvious JavaScript.

GitHub and Jira

If you use GitHub and Jira, then you'll find things changing as they roll out a new GitHub and Jira integration. The new integration makes the information flow both ways between the two platforms letting Jira users see GitHub progress and GitHub tickets that include Jira status: its hoped this is deep enough that users won't be constantly switching tools.


The first minor upgrade to Go 1.11 landed with Go 1.11.1. The Github milestone lists off all the fixes which include correcting the docs so supported operating systems are properly listed.

And finally

Most designers design fonts for readability, but thats not what Sans Forgetica is about. It's a font that is designed to be hard to read so you remember what you read more easily. Check out the site to read about the research behind the font designed for study notes.

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