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The one thing we love at Compose is databases, so when we get the opportunity to offer our users one of the hottest, feature packed document databases around to run on our platform, we go for it. RethinkDB is the latest addition to the Compose stable of databases to power your business's data needs.


RethinkDB is a JSON document based, distributed database with an integrated administration and exploration console. The administration view gives control of the cluster's configuration and a view into its performance. The exploration console and through the API you get access to ReQL, a rich query language, with autocompletion, command history and built in documentation. ReQL is built around function chaining and is available in client libraries for JavaScript, Python and Ruby. With ReQL it is possible to utilise RethinkDB server-side features such as distributed joins and subqueries across the cluster's nodes.

RethinkDB already has lock-free concurrency for database access and queries are automatically parallelised and distributed through the cluster. RethinkDB also supports secondary indexes – by field or compounds of fields, arrays or even arbitrary expressions – for better read query performance and the developers have just added geospatial indexes and queries to that mix.

With that range of capabilities, we knew we wanted to bring RethinkDB to Compose users – we want to offer the best databases to you so you can integrate the right databases into your application stack. With Compose, you also get a managed RethinkDB instance with three nodes, automatically scaling and backed up, so that your database fits your data like a glove and you get instant power over it. And as with all Compose deployments, it comes with the assurance of a 24/7 ops team managing your databases. But it isn't just RethinkDB beta availability we're launching today – we've also added some new technology to the Compose platform.

Accessing RethinkDB on Compose

We're presenting your RethinkDB databases as a cluster on its own private network within a deployment in the same way we organise our Elasticsearch offerings. This means the entire cluster is isolated within the Compose platform. To get access to these deployed clusters, you configure a capsule within them to act as your entry point to the cluster. So, for example, Elasticsearch at Compose has a haproxy capsule for HTTPS connections.

For RethinkDB we wanted more than just HTTP connectivity so we're rolling out our new SSH capsules which will allow users to access their RethinkDB cluster through SSH tunnelling. You'll see these new SSH capsules becoming available for other Compose databases in the future, but for now at least, they are exclusively for RethinkDB users. We'll be publishing blog posting on how to use SSH capsules with RethinkDB so you can plug into the new database smoothly and securely.

Compose Transporters for RethinkDB

Our Transporter technology is also expanding with the arrival of RethinkDB. Currently, the Transporter data fabric can move data in a MongoDB database to an Elasticsearch database. With the initial release of RethinkDB, now RethinkDB can be a destination for that MongoDB data. If you already have your data in MongoDB and want to populate a RethinkDB system so you can evaluate how well it performs, then a one-off Transporter job can make that process simple. If you want to have a RethinkDB synchronized with your MongoDB system, you can run a continuous Transporter and that will keep updating RethinkDB with the latest changes from your MongoDB instances.

Going Forward


RethinkDB on Compose is being beta-released today, with pricing starting at $45 a month for a three node cluster with 2GB of storage and 204MB of RAM, and $18 a month for each extra gigabyte. The cluster autoscales and has built-in automatic and on-demand backups. For data migration and synchronisation, Transporter to RethinkDB costs $9 a month for continuous transport and $0.0125 an hour for one-off transfers. To get going with RethinkDB on Compose sign up now for a Compose account and be deploying your first RethinkDB cluster in minutes.

It's not just Compose who are excited about getting RethinkDB online, the team at RethinkDB are excited too – checkout out the RethinkDB blog post about our launch. We'll also be getting together for a webchat to talk about our current and future plans too.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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