Retiring MongoDB Classic on Compose


Update: While we will still be retiring the MongoDB Classic platform, it will not begin in August 2019 as stated below. When the process does begin, we will communicate well in advance to all affected customers with a clear timeline and migration path. Stay tuned!

The end of MongoDB Classic at Compose has begun.

The process that will see the winding down of MongoDB Classic has begun. Our second implementation of Hosted MongoDB, originally dubbed Elastic Deployments way back in 2014 is now officially heading towards its end of life.

Its successor, Compose for MongoDB, has shown itself to be a more secure and reliable offering. It is the core offering for MongoDB on the Compose platform. By contrast, MongoDB Classic has seen less development and we feel it unfair on customers to keep the older MongoDB Classic available.

The schedule has been set:

In a little over 30 days time, as of August 20th, 2018, unless you already have a MongoDB Classic database, you will no longer be able to provision a new MongoDB Classic deployment.

Existing users will then have twelve months to plan and execute their migration to, for example, Compose's current MongoDB or IBM Cloud Compose for MongoDB. We are working on a tool to make that migration as simple as possible and plan to have news in the coming months.

At the end of the twelve months after new provisioning of MongoDB Classic has been stopped, we will begin the process of shutting down all MongoDB Classic databases.

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