Return of the Clones


We’ve cloned the clone. The “clone database” functionality of the original MongoHQ has been ported to our new UI. Back in October, we launched the new site. Yet, we knew we were missing a features of goodness. The return of the clone functionality is powered by our backend jobs system with visible progress indicators. Since clones are background processes, your source database remains available for the duration. If you are using the clone as an upgrade process, you will want to put your application in read-only or maintenance mode.

To use, just click the “Clone / Upgrade” button in the upper right when viewing your database.

Data Size & Index Size Growth Charts

We have a dataSize growth chart associated with all databases now. As you grow, you can see where you have been and were you are going. The chart includes both dataSize and indexSize as reported by db.stats().

Conquer the Data Layer

Spend your time developing apps, not managing databases.