Ruby Midwest Conference & MongoHQ


If any of you Ruby folks happen to be near Kansas City this weekend, check out the Ruby Midwest Conference. MongoHQ will be represented, in spirit and body, as our resident talker will give a presentation on several databases at 11:45am on Saturday. The blurb says 12 - but I think we can cover more!

There will also be a prize for the best question asked. No, it won’t be SWAG. It’s something you’ll probably never find again.

(Note the time. This is right before lunch which is, as any experienced speaker will tell you, is the best time. The audience is hungry for new technology, starved for information, and ravenous for your every word. They’re certainly not staring at the clock waiting for lunch to arrive.)

Seriously though, thanks to the Ruby Midwest Organizers for putting on what’s sure to be a great conference (and a special shout-out to Luke for probably pulling some strings).

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