ScyllaDB and IoT webinars coming up


Webinar season is upon us. There's still time to register for this week's webinar, A Real Use Case with NiFi, the Swiss Army Knife of Data Flow.

Next week we have two webinars: ScyllaDB on Compose and IoT - Databases and Devices.

If you haven't seen them already, Compose's own Hays Hutton wrote a three part series on using NiFi to transform and transport data across multiple data stores. Want to see exactly how to run it to power your applications? Then join us on Wednesday November 2 as we demonstrate NiFi, a data flow server built by the NSA (yes, that NSA) in action and show just how easy it is to work with data across databases and other systems.

ScyllaDB is one of our newest offerings on Compose. As a drop-in replacement for Cassandra, Scylla boasts much faster read/writes and lower latency and, maybe more importantly, a much lower cost to manage and run. Cassandra is of course the 800lb gorilla of columnar databases, but it's costly to run and maintain. Compose-hosted ScyllaDB means your team neither has to concern itself with hardware nor management and maintenance. In this webinar, Eyal Gutkind, solution architect at Scylla, will provide an overview of Scylla, demonstrate its support of CQL and Thrift protocols, and show how to transfer your Cassandra workload to Compose-hosted ScyllaDB.

The IoT - Databases and Devices webinar will be delivered by Compose's technical content curator, Dj Walker-Morgan. Rather than start with the database, this webinar will start with a look at how to get a simple sensor service online – from USB and WiFi, to Bluetooth, LoRa and GSM. There'll be a look at websockets and MQTT and other protocols to transport your sensor information up to and around the cloud. And then from there we'll dip into the databases including how we log data in MongoDB and PostgreSQL, updating key/value stores like Redis and turning MQTT into RabbitMQ, all using Node-RED as an example.

Head over to our webinars page to learn more and register.

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