Small Things, Big Improvements - Redis & MongoDB


It's the small things that make the big improvements, so lets talk about some small enhancements to the Compose platform that you'll really like…

Compose Redis Data Browser

We've been pleased with the great reception of the Compose Redis Data Browser, but as always at Compose we can make it better - and we have. We were asked if we could enhance the views on lists, hashes, sets and sorted sets.

So we added the LRANGE, HSCAN, SSCAN and ZSCAN commands to the views for each of those data types. Now you can set the cursor position, set a count for the number of items you want returned and, for the SCAN commands, you can do a match to filter down the returned values with a wildcard search.

Traversing long lists of keys, you often want to hop back to the beginning, so we made that easier with a "Back to the first page" button that'll let you restart your dilgent visual inspection.

Compose MongoDB URI changes

Some of you have noticed that we have changed the URIs we give you to connect to your MongoDB databases. Don't worry, your old URI connection strings will work, but in the new connection strings we've made the hostnames more precise and added the name of the database's replica set.

The latter has been added so that drivers that are replica set aware can do more validation. We're giving you better URIs with more information and we're doing it without breaking compatibility.

Early look - Sharded View for Compose MongoDB

Customers of Compose who have one of our dedicated/sharded deployments are getting a sneak peek at something coming, in the future, for all Compose MongoDB users. Just activated on their dashboards is a Shard view which lets them browse the various shards in their configuration, how many documents they are holding and how much space on disk each one is using.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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