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Today, MySQL 5.7.20 will be available for Compose for MySQL deployments at Compose. While we have been releasing updates for a while, 5.7.20 also sees the arrival of new smoother in-place updating.

Upgrades to beta databases on Compose tend to start off using our backup and restore process. It's really neat because you can create a duplicate deployment of your database without interrupting your currently running database. We never restore into a running database at Compose; the risks of damaging a working database or taking a database into an unknown state are too high.

We've always made sure that you are able to restore your database into a fresh database; Compose makes creating a new deployment that easy. We've also found it's a great, safe way to upgrade a database. When you are using a beta database deployment at Compose, that's quite important.

The march to GA completeness marches on though, and one of the features we want all Compose deployments to have is in-place updates for minor versions. That time has now come to Compose for MySQL. We've enabled in-place updating to 5.7.20 from 5.7.19 so that people can smoothly migrate to the latest MySQL. We'll be adding in-place upgrades for 5.7.17 in the very near future - we’ll let users know in the console and in a Compose Noteworthy article.

How does it work? Well, when an in-place upgrade starts, first we disconnect client connections, wait for the secondary servers to sync up. Once they are synced, we restart the primary with the new version of the database. Once that's complete, we repeat the upgrade process on the secondary servers. Then we bring the connections back online. All of this keeps downtime to a minimum.

How do you upgrade your MySQL deployment? It's simple. Go to the Compose console and if your MySQL is upgradable, the Deployment Overview screen should say at the top like this:

That will take you to this screen, which is also accessible through the Settings option in the sidebar.

And once you are there, select 5.7.20 from the drop-down menu and click Upgrade Version. The process will start and you can follow it on the Jobs screen.

Simple upgrades which you can coordinate at the click of a button - Now available with Compose for MySQL.

Read more articles about Compose databases - use our Curated Collections Guide for articles on each database type. If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

attribution Nathan Dumlao

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